Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cello Rock

I must share with you one of my favorite things. A year ago while on the way up from NC to my parents house in VA for Christmas Brad popped a CD into the player saying "I don't think you will like this." He explained that this band did a song with Three Days Grace which is why he bought the CD. I listened, I fell in love. Yes, Brad was right, it's not something I would usually like. It was Apocalyptica, a rock cello band. This band from Finland is classically trained on the cello. At first hearing them I had no idea it was only 3 or 4 cellos and drums in most songs. It sounded like violins, guitars... way more than 3 cellos. Most of the songs are instrumental, but so full of singing cellos I don't miss the words at all. They have done songs with guest singers such as the singers from Bush, Bullet for my Valentine, and Flyleaf to name a few. They started out making Metallica covers, but now have 7 Apocalyptica studio CDs, go on world tours and continue to make amazing music. Their most recent CD came out Aug 2010 and is called 7th Symphony. I'm a big fan of their music. I would love to see these guys play live.

Sometimes their songs are rather heavy on the metal side, but more often than not they are sweet, complex, quick paced and interesting. The songs are always original, unique and different. Perfect. I don't know how these guys write this music, it is so complex.

This is one of my favorites from the new album, I only wish it was longer.

I really have so many favorite songs, too many to put on here. I secretly really want to do a dressage freestyle (dancing with the horse to music) to one of their instrumentals sometime.

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Mary Rogers said...

Your husband has some good taste in music! For my my favorite Apocalyptica song will always be Farewell I think.

Love dude's supersweet hot pink fingerless gloves too. :)