Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easy, Pretty Nails

Because of my job my hands are in a constant state of being wet, dirty, and/or dry and cracked. I have total manual labor hands. I have short nails of varied length, callouses, blisters and we won't even go into my cuticles. It's just part of working outside with large animals. I can't be worrying about a broken nail or chipped polish. I like to splurge on a manicure every now and then, but with my job they usually don't last long. That's a lot of time and money just for about a day of nice nails, so I reserve manicures for special occasions. And when I do get a manicure, I usually walk out of the salon with at least one nail already smudged somehow. So, my solution? Insta-Dry nail polish. This stuff is amazing and comes in a bunch of really great colors. And plus, it's toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde free. It is perfect for me. The magic brush holds a bunch of polish so you only have to dip it once to do a whole hand, you only need ONE coat of polish and it dries amazingly fast. That's it, you're done! My hands get a bit of color that makes me feel better about the other disasters surrounding the nail polish. Sure, it still chips and gets messed up with my active/outdoorsy activities, but when it's time to take it off it comes off in a flash because it's only one coat of polish. I love this stuff and have a bunch of different colors. Some of my favorites are Rose-a-go-go, Whined Up, Flashy Fuchsia and Pink Breeze.

I also have a massive collection of hand salves, creams and lotions. I am still in the market for that hand product miracle. Any suggestions?

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Heather said...

You have to try Gold Bond, It is my best friend for life for my hands, I am a barn critter to and my hands where the same until I found this stuff, any of the formulas work great!