Sunday, March 13, 2011

Healthy Candy

Ok, so one of my New Years goals should have been to start taking a multi vitamin every day. I used to be really good at taking a vitamin every morning, in fact I used to pop a couple of different vitamins every morning. But now I have to take medication every morning that I can't have vitamins or minerals with, so out went that old plan. I try to take one in the afternoons, but I forget almost every day. And if taking a vitamin wasn't hard enough, in the past few years if I take the pill form on an empty stomach, and sometimes regardless of eating prior, they make me so nauseous and sometimes they have actually made me barf. TMI? So, yesterday at the commissary I saw something I've been wanting to try. One A Day Gummies for adults. I love candy. Who doesn't want to eat candy?! I may have mentioned on 50 other occasions that I have a huge sweet tooth. I'll gladly take my multi vitamin now! The bottle says to eat 2 gummies a day. So fun! And I've taken my vitamin a whole 2 days in a row now. Ok, so these vitamins have gotten some bad reviews. But, if I want to eat them every day, they don't make me sick, and they have more vitamins/minerals than I was getting without, then I'm a fan.

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Megan said...

I'm a new follower!

I can't take vitamins on an empty stomache either...I think it upsets most people!