Monday, March 28, 2011

Exploring Mihama

Saturday was just a really, really good day for no particular reason. I set out to run some errands and spent a nice hour or two roaming around Mihama American Village. On the island the American Village Ferris wheel is a common sight and landmark.

I headed over there initially to get Gojou some stuff at the pet store, but after that since it was so chilly, I stopped into Starbucks for something hot and treated myself to one of their new lil cake pops. I found a nice seat in the window and watched humanity pass by as I browsed the pictures in a Japanese Marie Claire. I haven't done this in a very long time and it felt great to just relax in the familiar Starbucks setting.

I then decided to walk around and check out some of the cool shops. I somehow hadn't done this before and I had been told about the neat stores in this area. While I've been to American Village a few times before mostly it has been to visit Yogurt Land. I didn't buy anything, but was seriously tempted by some of the crazy Japanese shoes they had for sale. But, I didn't even want to attempt trying to fit my behemoth feet into any of the little sizes.

I love the garden center at the Makeman - DIY store and I found a great one right there in American Village. Flowers always brighten up my day and on Saturday I walked away with a big, puffy pink hydrangea and a pretty mini tree with yellow flowers.

I went to Foster to do my usual Exchange and Commissary errands, but I did treat myself to these fab sunnies:

I love making even the mundane errands fun!

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