Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jump for Joy

So, do you remember this guy?

Well, it's been quite awhile since I've given you all an update on my special miracle horsey. He continues to be healthy and gain strength. He's got quite a lil spirit and personality now that he's feeling better. I'm pretty sure Woods was a lap dog in his past life, he is always wanting to snuggle and I'm pretty sure he'd get in my lap if he could. And, so many of the student's love him too. He's wonderful, patient and willing with the lil kids. He is one special horse. I adore him. And he loves to jump! In preperation for the show in a few weeks, on Sunday we will be having a jumping clinic. That motivated me to get out there and do some jumping too.

The other love of my life, Makoto, is doing oh-so-fabulously. He blows my mind. A total dream. My heart literally swells when I see him. He is so talented at dressage, he's an amazing jumper and brave out on the trail. He would be an amazing Eventer. I already don't know how I will leave this island without him. The trust and love I feel for this horse, my partner, is astounding.

And here a couple pics from when I hopped on Big for a few minutes. Big is a big favorite at the barn, and is a really good jumper! Sure, my heart is really in dressage, but it sure is fun to hop over some fences once in awhile.

It was a really fun day at the barn. So fun I can hardly call it work!

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Kate said...

Love seeing you out doing what you love!