Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Temporary Memory Loss

My hunny is home!! Yay! But, ok, lets all take a minute to make fun of him shall we? On Monday he flew home to Futenma and couldn't find his car. Luckily, I was already planning on leaving work early since my lesson canceled and was on my way home when he called and said he didn't know where his car was. He couldn't remember where he parked it and it wasn't at the squadron. I said oh, maybe the MP's towed it since it was sitting so long... who knows. I told him I'd come pick him up. After our reunion I said we should stop by and talk to the cops to see if they knew where the car was. Even though Brad really wanted to just go home, I reminded him how with both of our jobs, being a one car family is not going to work, even temporarily. So, in he goes to talk to the police. They have no idea where his car is, it's not impounded. So, we think, oh crap, the car was stolen. So, all night we are perplexed by the car situation, wondering if theft is covered by our insurance and wondering if Brad's car was off somewhere with a dead body in the back. We go to sleep and at somewhere between 4 and 5am Brad sits up in bed and says "I know where my car is! It's at Kadena." Dumb dumb! When he left he flew out of Kadena instead of the normal place at Futenma. I was so relieved to know what happened and so glad we didn't have to deal with the car issue. My husband blames his temporary memory loss to exhaustion, poor thing. Sometimes I forget where I've parked my car and have to make an effort to make sure I make note of where I leave it, but basically he can never make fun of me ever again. Silly husband!

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Kate said...

That sounds like something I would do. :)