Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Barn Edition

On Saturday we had a massive Clean Up Day at the stable which basically resulted in me turning into a painting machine. I painted all day and felt like I was ready to be done at around 1pm, but oh we kept going until 6pm. In the morning I did a really good job of keeping the paint off of me, but as I got tired the paint just kind of went everywhere. Remind me to never get paint in my hair ever again! It took forever for me to get it out. In addition to the large scale painting projects the upstairs deck area was totally cleaned, all the tack and grooming tools were cleaned, a fence was put up in our little turn out area, a partition was built for the bunny stall to separate the male and female bunnies, and we had a really fun and yummy bbq lunch for all of the hard workers. I hadn't had a turkey hot dog in a long time and man it tasted good after lots of manual labor.

The day was a huge success and the barn is much improved after only one day of work because there were so many people there to help. It was kind of amazing to me how many people gave up there whole Saturday to work at the barn, I was really touched by the people wanting to help. It was such a productive day!

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