Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hope you all had a wonderful, merry little Christmas!  This is the 3rd year we've had to be away from family, but even far away our family makes us feel so loved.  We have a tradition every year to read A Christmas Memory together on Christmas Eve and even over here we are able to keep up the tradition thanks to Skype. 

Brad got his new custom made guitar in the mail on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Okinawa style.

Christmas Eve beach lunch.
Christmas morning was wonderful. We opened gifts from each other and family and we loved all our awesome new stuff! 
Christmas morning!

Brad admitted that this onesie was his "favorite gift."  Baby and daddy will match!

New clothes for me, new clothes for the baby.
Every year my mom makes a yummy baked french toast, but for some reason mine just wouldn't set right.  Disappointing!  Then Brad comes over to me an says that there is a bug on Jade's face.  Somehow my indoor only cat got fleas.  I flipped out.  I called the vet and ended up sitting in the worst traffic ever going over to the vet office to pick up medicine.  Not my idea of a nice Christmas afternoon!  But, at least the flea situation is fixed now.  Poor kitten. 
Christmas kitten!  Jade got in here all by herself on Christmas Eve when we were skyping with my family.
I am so looking forward to next year and spending the holiday with my family again finally!  And next year will be my babies first Christmas.  Kind of crazy to think about! 

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Heather said...

Fleas can hitch a ride in on your cloths and come inside and find your pets. My inside only cat gets fleas as well. Cats are the worst for fleas and hard to get rid of them, so glad you where able to get rid of them! Glad your christmas was Great! Congrats on the Baby!