Thursday, December 20, 2012

Olive - 8 weeks

Nov 21 - 27, 2012
How Far Along: 8 weeks! 
Size of baby: Baby is a fetus now! 1 inch long and the size of a green olive.
Total Weight Gain:  It was Thanksgiving this week, so I'm not getting on the scale!
Maternity Clothes: No, but enjoying my low rise jeans and leggings.  Not liking things to be tight.
Gender:  Somewhere I heard that if you're craving salty things and meat (like I am) then it's a boy.
Movement: Horrible cold is gone, yay! So, I'm back to my workouts and running.
Sleep:  Still awesome, but with the addition of some vivid and crazy dreams.  I've read that pregnancy dreams are a doozy.
What I miss: Having wine at Thanksgiving.  My appetite just isn't what it usually is.  I normally have no problem in the eating department.  I'll be super hungry and then a few bites in or even with a sniff I'm totally done.  
Cravings:  Protein. Pumpkin bread. Egg salad sandwiches. 
Symptoms: Ouchie ta-tas.  I am not used to not having a totally flat tummy.  Probably bloat more than actual baby at this point!

What I’m looking forward to:  The USMC ball is this week, and Saturday we leave for our awesome vacation! 

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