Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hong Kong

On our way home from our cruise we stopped in Hong Kong for Brad's birthday.  After sleeping late in our super nice hotel room we went out to Victoria Peak to see views of the city.  There was also a great mall there and we had lunch at a French cafe that had me swooning with memories of Paris. 
Up on Victoria Peak

Brad's bday present, a new watch.

Taking the ferry.

The great view from our hotel room.
 For his birthday dinner Brad wanted Peking duck, so that is what we planned to do.  We also bought tickets to a harbor cruise that night to see the light show... well things just did not work out for us this night!  The restaurant couldn't do Peking duck so we had to scramble to order other things off of the menu.  Let me tell you, authentic Chineese food is NOT what you get in America... this stuff is weird.  I could go on and on about the strange and horrific things on the menu... the waiter suggested we get jellyfish... it wasn't quite the birthday dinner we expected.  I pre-ordered Brad a piece of birthday cake and at least that was as planned. 
Birthday boy!

We had to run quickly from dinner over to the harbor so we could catch the boat.  We were crunched for time and didn't think we'd even get out of the cab in time because of traffic.  The cab dropped us off but we didn't know where to go in the busy area. We ran around and around trying to figure it out.  By the time we found the boat it was just pulling away from the dock. It was almost comical except that our tickets were non refundable.  So, we cut our losses and watched the light show from the shore.  I was so upset Brad's birthday got so messed up, but he was a good sport about it all.  We walked along the water until we spotted a great bar.  We sat out on the deck looking out at the water and the city lights.  Not how we expected the night to go, but pretty nice none the less.
Light show.

Having birthday beers.
We had an amazing time, but after 9 days I in southeast Asia I was ready to be home.

I'll be sharing some big news with you next, so stay tuned!  

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